Image Study

November 7, 2009 at 3:06 pm (1)

Blue eye                     

This is a picture of a blue eye which represents a symbol throughout the novel. There is a passage in the novel which implies why the blue eye is a symbol; “It had occured to Pecola some time ago that if her eyes, those eyes of hers were different, that is to say, beautiful, she herself would be diferent. Each night, without fail, she prayed for blue eyes. Fervently, for a year, she had prayed. Although somewhat discouraged, she was not without hope. To have something  as wonderful as that, would take a long long time” (Morrison 46). Pecola wishes that she had pretty, blue eyes so that she would look beautiful. She is unhappy with her identity, and feels that she is looked down upon because she does not have blue eyes. However, she does not give up hope. Pecola continues to pray for blue eyes.


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