Themes from American Literature

November 7, 2009 at 5:55 pm (1)

While I was reading, I discovered a theme realted to American Literature. In the novel it says, “She looks up at him and sees the vaccum where curiosity out to lodge. And something more. The total abscence of human recognition-the glazed separeteness. She does not know what keeps his glance suspended. Perhaps because he is grown, or a man, and she a little girl. But she has seen interest, disgust, even anger in grown male eyes. Yet this vaccum is not new to her. It has an edge; somewhere in the bottom lid is the distance. She has seen it lurking in the eyes of all white people. So. The distate must be for her, her blackness. All things in her are flux and anticipation. But her blackness is static and dread. And it is the blackness that accounts for, that creates, the vaccum edged with distaste in white eyes” (Morrison 49). In this statement, the reader can conclude one of the themes presented in the novel. One of the themes of this novel relates to American literature. The theme of this novel is: Racisim will always exist in society. The man at the grocery store looked at Pecola with so much hate and disgust only because of the color of her skin. I believe there is at least one more theme from American Literature in the novel, but I am only halfway through the book. Keep checking out my blogs!

Another theme from American Literature that I found in the novel was identity defines one’s place in society. For example in the novel it says,  “Each night, without fail, she prayed for blue eyes. Fervently for a year, she had prayed. Although somewhat discouraged, she was not without hope.  To have something as wonderful as that happen, would take a long, long time.” Maybe they’d say, “Why, look at pretty-eyed Pecola. We mustn’t do bad things in front of those pretty eyes” (Morrison 46). Pecola wanted to change her identity by changing her physical appearance. She prayed so that she could have blue eyes so that people will not crticize her because of her race.

Please note: I added one more theme after the initial five posts were due, since I found one while reading.


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