Character Study

November 8, 2009 at 2:50 am (1)

Cholly Breedove– “A renting black, having put his family outdoors, had catapulted himself beyond the reaches of human consideration. He had joined the animals; was indeed, an old dog, a snake, a ratty nigger” (Morrison 18). Cholly Breedove was a black man who was put in jail. His family was separated. His daughter Pecola lives with Claudia and her family.  “Cholly, by his habitual drunkenness an orneriness, provided them both with the material they need to make their lives tolerable” (Morrison 42). Cholly has a drinking problem, but he works just enough to make his family’s life tolerable.  (I will add more details as the story progresses). Continuing on, with the character study of Charley— he is evil only beacuse he rapes Pecola and gets her pregnant.

Mrs. Breedlove- “Mrs. Breedlove came swiftly into the room and stood at the foot of the bed where Cholly lay. I need some coal in this house. Hear me? Mrs. Breedlove jabbed Cholly’s foot. I said I need some coal. It’s cold as a witch’s tit in this house. Your whiskey ass wouldn’t feel hellfire, but I’m cold. I got a do a lot of things, but I ain’t gonna freeze” (Morrison 40). Based on the remarks/comments made by Mrs. Breedlove, one can conclude that she is very demanding. Mrs. Breedlove only cares about her comfort. “Mrs. Breedlove considered herself an upright Christian woman, burdened with a no-count man, whom God wanted her to punish. Mrs. Breedlove is a Christian who believes that God wants her to take her husband on the right path by punishing him.

Pecola Breedlove- “When we discovered that she clearly did not want to dominate us, we liked her. She laughed when I clowned for her, and smiled and accepted gracefully the food gifts my sister gave her. “Would you like some ghram crackers? I don’t care (Morrison 19). Pecola is a quiet girl, who is trying to find her identity. She wishes to have blue eyes so that people would call her beautiful. Please read the quote which goes along with the image of the blue eye to find out more.

Claudia- “Younger than both Freida and Pecola, I had not yet arrived at the turning  point in the development of my pysche which would allow me to love her (her is referring to Shirley Temple). I was interested only in humans my own age and size, and could not generate any enthusiasm at the prospect of being a mother. Motherhood was old age, and other remote responsibilities” (Morrison 19-21). Based on this description of Claudia, she is very young and has alot more growing up to do.  Unlike Pecola and Frieda, Claudia is not mature at this point because she believes their are better things out there than motherhood. Claudia is also the narrator of the novel. She describes the society she lives in, and describes the life of the main character, who is Pecola Breedlove.

Frieda- “Not a little old jar full. Lots of water. To scrub the steps with, dumbell!” Mama looked at Frieda for verification. “She’s ministratin’. We was just helping” (Morrison 29 &31). Well, there’s not much to say about Frieda, because she’s NOT the MAIN CHARACTER. Frieda helps Pecola out when she was on her menstrual cycle. Frieda is mature and old enough to understand things.

Mama- She is religious but gets frustrated in some situations.  Mama also keeps her children, Frieda and Claudia in check.  “Mama grabbed Frieda by the shoulder, turned her around, and gave her three or four stinging cuts on her legs. “Gonna be nasty huh? Naw you ain’t!” Mama looked at Pecola. “You too! she said. “Child of mine or not!” She grabbed Pecola and spun her around. (Morrison 30-31). This shows that Mama is strict and has a strong character.

Father- Not the main character of the novel. He does not appear in the novel that often and has a quiet personality.

I will be adding more details about the characters above as I finish the novel. (I have added more details to this blog after the 1st five posts were due)!


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