Who is my favorite character in the novel so far?

November 8, 2009 at 3:29 am (1)

 So far I think the novel is pretty good, however the course of actions taking place are going slow. My favorite character is Pecola for many reasons. First of all, I belive she is very courageous because she is living with a different family, with Frieda and Claudia. Her father is in jail, and her mother and brother are living somewhere else. Also, Frieda goes to the grocery store to purchase a Mary Jane candy bar and is looked down upon by one of the white workers. His eyes were for full of hatred just because of Pecola’s blackness. Yet, she still had the courage to buy a candy bar for herself. She is very determined and is hopeful that God will one day give her blue eyes. The reason as to why I admire her at this point is that she is full of hope. Something which I don’t have. I sometimes tend to loose my patience and hope when I don’t accomplish something big. While I am reading the novel, I feel as if something bad will happen to Pecola.  😦  Let see what happens!


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