Rhetorical Study (Part 2)

November 27, 2009 at 12:05 am (1)

Foreshadowing can be seen throughout the novel which is also a rhetorical advice. For example, Maureen says, “Two months ago I started. My girlfriend in Toledo, where we lived before, said when she started she was scared to death. Thought she had killed herself.”  “Do you know what it’s for?’ Pecola asked the question as though hoping to provide the answer herself. “For babies.” Maureen raised two pencil-stroke eyebrows at the obviousness of the question. “Babies need blood when they are inside you, and if you are having a baby, then you do not menstrate. ”  “How do babies get the blood?” asked Pecola.

I know this is too much detail, but notice how Pecola is curious about babies and how they get blood.  She knew the answer as to why ladies menstrate, but only asked the question to get more details from Maureen. Notice how Pecola is so interested about babies (how and where they come from). This foreshadows something tragic—Pecola is going to get pregnant. We will find out more about the tragedy as the novel approaches conclusion.


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