Biography of the author and how it relates to the novel

December 4, 2009 at 12:15 am (1)

Toni Morrison wrote her first novel in 1970, which is the Bluest Eye. All her books are about the life of women in society in which males are dominant and surronded by racisim. Toni Morrison’s family moved to the midwest to escape racisim. This is one of the major themes from American Literature in the Bluest Eye. She found a new identity by changing her name from Chole to Toni. When asked why she changed her name, Toni said so that people could pronounce her name. This is a similar situation to the novel. Pecola Breedlove constantly prays for blue eyes so that people will say she is beautiful and that everything will be perfect. Pecola was determined to change her identity by praying for blue eyes and blonde hair so that people would think that she is pretty.


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