My favorite part of the novel… this is funny!

December 4, 2009 at 1:32 am (1)

There were some funny moments in the novel which made me laugh. This maybe very vivd and too much info. I guess it’s okay because after all, it’s funny! “Suddenly Pecola bolted straight up, her eyes wide with terror. A whinnying sound came from her mouth.” “What’s the matter with you?” Frieda stood up too. Then we looked where Pecola was staring. Blood was running down her legs.” Frieda said, “Oh Lordy! I know. I know what that is! That’s ministratin” (Morrison 27). “Am I going to die?” she asked. “Noooo. You won’t die. It just means you can have a baby (Morrison 28). “Come on. Step out of them.” “She managed to get the soiled pants down and flung them at me.”  “Here.”  “What am I supposed to do with these?”  “Bury them, moron (Morrison 29). “There playing nasty, Mrs. McTeer.” Then, Mrs. McTeer says, “I’d rather raise pigs then some nasty girls. Least I can slaughter them” (Morrison 30).  “Mama looked at Frieda for verification. Frieda nodded. She’s menistratin’. We was just helping” (Morrison 31). Freida and Claudia were trying to help Pecola, but instead they got in trouble. It was funny when Claudia asked Frieda what to do with Pecola’s pants. In addition to that, I enjoyed the part when Mrs. McTeer realized that her daughters were not playing nasty, and in fact they were trying to help Pecola out.


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